Where to begin?

When a customer contacts us, they will be in one of many different stages of the entire building process. Whether they haven’t actually started thinking about specific design specs, right through to already having architectural plans in place and are ready to lodge Building Permit applications.

You are right at the beginning… So where to start? Consider your options when building:

You aren’t wanting to build a new home, and you see potential in elements of your current homes structure and facade?

Renovating and Extending is a popular option for many home owners in the 21st century. It allows home owners to refresh their homes interior and exterior, without having to build a new home. From a budget conscious cosmetic renovation/extension to a full scale structural layout change, space and intuitive design changes can have impressive and dramatic results.

Extending your home to:

  • add another bedroom for a growing family or accommodate guests,
  • extend your living, dining and/or kitchen area to create open plan living
  • create an alfresco area for indoor/outdoor entertaining
  • adding a second level to capture views and/or increase you liveable space within a small suburban block.

To begin the Renovation/ Extension process, you should begin with engaging the services of a registered Architect or Draftsperson. We can work directly with you or your chosen architect during the building process.

Perhaps you have an empty block or a ‘renovators dream’ as Real Estate agents tend to deem them, but you know that a complete demolition will be the more cost effective to achieve your design brief?

With a new build, the opportunities are endless within the confines of your block size and your budget. The best place to start is by enlisting an architect or a draftsperson to start drawing up your dream home. 

The Building process is complex, therefore to ensure it runs as smoothly and stress free as possible, we preference working with one point of contact, whether that be the owner, or the owner may often elect for the Builder and their chosen Architect to work together directly.

Where to from here? Contact us and we can assist you from here!